Medicine: intelligent logistics is mainly used in integrated hospital pharmacy automated dispensing system, ward automatic distribution system and pharmaceutical logistics company drugs and reagents and other products order delivery. Through the effective guidance activities and the implementation of the material flow to achieve intelligent internal logistics management, improve the accuracy of sorting operations to enhance the overall distribution efficiency and customer service levels.

Solution: One for the pharmaceutical and health care wholesalers, large and medium-sized comprehensive hospital to provide order fulfillment solutions to support high school low-capacity distribution requirements. The design of specialized solutions can be adapted to the specific requirements of pharmaceutical and health care, general hospital picking and distribution operations, support controlled access inventory, temperature controllable storage, storage of hazardous materials, peak / valley of product quantities, product tracking, Order / inventory accuracy and custom control of the order-to-person system. The solution is designed to help optimize the process of receipt, storage, storage, replenishment, full box and single product selection, set and order packaging and loading, and can handle cartons, plastic plates, handbags , Boxes, plastic bags and envelopes, and other loading types.
For the comprehensive hospital dispensing links, one by one issued a new generation of independent intellectual property rights with a new generation of high-precision automatic picking system, the system uses "picking" mode of operation, for each order for accurate picking, this model In reducing the wrong rate of picking at the same time improve the efficiency and accuracy of operations, to minimize the hospital dispensing window workload, shorten the order contained in the pharmaceutical logistics delivery time.
The company has the experience of designing high-performance, specialized solutions to improve engineering experience and expertise, and has successfully implemented dozens of orders for implementation of health care, personal care, dental supplies, medical supplies and pharmaceutical delivery nationwide The.