Xiefu industry: the current domestic shoe industry from the brand positioning to the style design competition more and more intense, the traditional logistics and distribution methods exist delivery delay, delivery accuracy is low, the return can not be dealt with in time and other issues, restricting the development of enterprises, one This is a one-stop solution for the Xiefu industry, including fast delivery solutions, order picking solutions, return sorting and re-picking solutions, greatly improving and promoting production efficiency and circulation. Efficiency and order fulfillment accuracy.

Solution: One by one for the shoes and apparel industry designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to provide internal logistics consulting, design, research and development, manufacturing and other one-stop solution to support high school low-capacity delivery requirements, Small professional management chain stores and large global enterprises. The solution is designed to meet specific application requirements for Xiefu warehousing and distribution environments, including multi-channel or specialized e-commerce and retail order fulfillment systems, seasonal / promotional peak and order return processing systems. The design of a typical solution can be optimized to handle processes such as receipt, storage, replenishment, fCL and single product picking, assembly, packaging, loading and delivery and handling of cartons, handbags, plastic bags and other Type of loading.
One by one in the Xiefu intelligent sorting distribution system development process to introduce the international leading new logistics thinking, in the country has a number of successful projects, with a wealth of process improvement engineering experience and professional skills. Based on our company's independent intellectual property rights of industrial algorithms, logistics management software and modular system design for the Xiefu market design high-performance, real-time control, visualization, scalable and flexible solutions that cover everything from receipt to delivery Link operations in order to adapt to changing business conditions, balance the peak capacity.