Retail: Based on the concept of "storage-friendly, channel-free" delivery for retail coupons, and the growing demand for door-to-door and shop-to-store delivery, one for retail companies tailored to meet their own business characteristics Warehousing, sorting and distribution systems. The main format distribution in the supermarket chain distribution, food and beverage industry, food output and cold chain logistics industry.

Solution: One for the grocery retailer to provide order fulfillment solution, covering a small regional food chain to a large national grocery store, and support high school low-capacity delivery requirements. The design of these solutions can be adapted to specific delivery requirements for goods sold in grocery stores such as dry goods, fresh products, frozen products, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other commodities. System configuration can support retail store replenishment and shop to extract or door-to-door e-commerce orders to fulfill. The internal logistics system consists of a set of storage shelf plans, temperature controllable storage, peak / valley of controlled quantities, controlled access inventory, product tracking, order / inventory accuracy, and first-to-first shipments.
One of the processes required to design high-performance solutions to improve engineering experience and expertise in the development of each store replenishment system are introduced in the business-based industrial algorithms, the successful implementation of a number of national support Order for food and grocery distribution.