Express logistics industry: intelligent logistics sorting system for manufacturing, assembly, storage, sorting and distribution business of large and medium-sized courier center to provide a unique and efficient internal logistics solutions to help express delivery center to achieve full automation operations, to Maintain more than ten years of industry competitiveness.

Solution: Distribution logistics in the circulation of goods, refers to the hands of suppliers from the multi-species to receive large quantities of goods, and according to the regional requirements of the customer, the demolition of zero, sorting, matching, packaging, and ultimately delivery of the designated locations of the logistics activity. In this process, the logistics distribution center plays an important role, at the same time with warehousing custody, order processing, sorting and other functions.
Compared with the traditional decentralized logistics network, large-scale distribution center scale, the integration of information processing, can greatly reduce the cost of business processes. One by one company based on the "goods to the people," the man-machine combination of operations, the application of independent research and development of high-speed cross with intelligent sorting equipment, can be achieved with less manpower to create a higher distribution efficiency. Business covers the country's large enterprises, different logistics model, the specific requirements of different industries, trays, boxes, cartons, bags and other logistics units, receiving warehousing, Zhengxiang and bulk cargo picking, review packaging, sorting And other links. After continuous struggle and efforts, and has been with the express industry giants hundred Huitong, Jingdong logistics and other preliminary strategic cooperation agreement, marking the company in the express delivery industry into a new stage of development.
One for e-commerce wholesalers, retailers and cross-border electricity providers to provide users with order fulfillment solutions, covering small professional products company, large global enterprises, port customs, support high school low-capacity distribution requirements. The solution is designed to accommodate market-specific application requirements, support for variable inventory unit turnover, seasonal / promotional peak, large inventory storage capacity, large proportion of single line orders, day / day delivery and return processing Configuration. The solution optimizes receipt, storage, storage, replenishment, invoicing and single product picking, set and order packaging and loading and shipping links, and can handle carton, bag, plastic bags and envelopes and other loading types The.