Book industry: intelligent library sorting system construction, the independent research and development of the book intelligent sorting, new vertical transmission technology and RFID radio frequency identification technology applied to the book intelligent sorting system construction, simplify the reader borrowing process, improve the efficiency of book circulation, Significantly reduce the book sorting process manual inventory, find links and other workload, the staff from the complex repetitive labor in the liberation, improve customer service quality.
In the field of book publishing and distribution, it can meet the business needs of book publishers, book agents, new book retail formats, and the book and television industry have different ways to improve the internal logistics management, strengthen the format innovation and efficiency output.

Solution: With the increasing demand for knowledge of society, students or other industry workers to the pursuit of cultural progress, the library readers to borrow books, the number is also gradually increased, which library books to sort The staff brought great work pressure. One of the leading companies in the RFID industry has a long service experience in the field of book sorting. , There are many applications across the country.
One-pass company RFID library management system is the use of high-frequency or ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification technology to quickly identify the ability to produce such as librarian workstations, self-help system, collection of light, security detection channels, automatic sorting equipment, To improve the efficiency of the book, through the library's RFID system construction, to simplify the reader's borrowing process, improve the efficiency of circulation, the book work (including books, books, books, books, books, books, Personnel from the complex repetitive labor in the liberation, more effective and targeted readers personalized service to enhance the quality of library services.